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Lead Paint Removal

Lead compounds were used until the mid-1960s to make the pigment and drying agent in various types of paint for tile, skirting boards, doors, stairs, bannisters, window frames and sills, wooden flooring, radiators, and pipes, and also anti-corrosive primer coating over exterior steelwork. As a result, lead may be present if the building was constructed before then and still has its original layers of paint.

Lead-based paint has been a major cause of lead poisoning that can cause serious health problems.

There isn't an immediate threat to your health if the paint is intact and in good condition, however, if the paint starts peeling off or chipping or if the Lead-based paint covers any surface where the paint may wear by rubbing or friction or it can wear and tear such as windows, doors, floors, porches, stairways, etc., it will likely cause lead dust and must be removed by a professional, such as Advanced Eco Blast to ensure the work is done safely, reliably, and effectively.

We undertake every aspect of lead abatement, using only the latest technology and processes that never compromise our safety.

Advanced Eco Blast is fully compliant with the Control of Lead at Work Regulations, HSE guidance and the LiPSA (Lead in Paint Safety Association) guidelines.

  • We carry out a Risk Assessment
  • During the process of removing lead paint, our staff will wear appropriate RPE and PPE and will work in a safe containment area.
  • The working area will be enclosed, to stop dust from escaping we use sheeting or temporary screens to make the area as airtight as possible.
  • To protect the health of our team, we provide a decontamination facility on-site and a blood test for lead will be performed before work starts and after.
  • Following the completion of the work, the area will be thoroughly cleaned and inspected.
  • To give you complete traceability and the assurance that we have left you with a clean, safe environment, we will carry out a WAK testing (Waste Acceptance Criteria) as part of our service and the disposal will be handled by a registered hazardous waste company.

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