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Modern day pollutants such as traffic, harsh weather and natural growths of moss & algae makes eyesores out of landmark buildings & new construction alike. Advanced Eco Blast offers cleaning solutions to this problem. Professional and regular cleaning not only reduces the risk of structural damage but also bring back the original beauty of the building, their natural colour and architectural details.

In Advanced Eco Blast, we use several safe and environmentally friendly techniques to achieve excellent results such as soda blasting and steam cleaning known as DOFF system.

Inappropriate cleaning and coating treatments can be very destructive to historic masonry if they are not selected carefully. Bricks can be easily damaged if high pressure or strong chemical products are used, just because bricks are used in construction it doesn’t mean that they can’t be damaged easily! To ensure long life, the brickwork should be regularly checked and cleaned appropriately with the least aggressive method of cleaning.

Soda Blasting is a complete cleaning system that uses a low-pressure air, dry or wet depending on the requirement, combined with a safe media such as bicarbonate of soda or other fine natural media - more cost effective - by using interchangeable nozzles to give a gentle clean to all type of brick surfaces. With this technique we can remove paints, dirt, carbon, bitumen, lime scale, graffiti and biological matter, from the building fabric without damaging the substrate of the brick surface.

Soda blasting gives great result for internal brick cleaning tasks as well, although client should be aware that the blasting process can be very dusty and a lot sealing preparation will be required to contain the dust.

Steam Cleaning known as Doff System can reach 150ᵒc of steam, the temperature and pressure can be modified depending on the soiling that needs to be removed and the type of substrate. When the temperature is higher the pressure is lower providing a gentle cleaning action and the volume of water is also low meaning the surface will not be soaked and can dry very quickly.

Steam cleaning is used to remove dirt and grime, moss, fungi, lichen, graffiti, bird or pest fouling, oil, grease, soot and traffic pollution.


In Advanced Eco Blast we are very passionate and knowledgeable about building material and we always advice you for the best method of cleaning. We liaise on projects with architects, designers, conservation officers, builders, property developers as well as property owners and we welcome all enquiries.

Please look at our video gallery to see few projects of internal and external brick cleaning London.

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