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Advanced Eco Blast

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Advanced Eco Blast

London Professional Sandblasting Services

Advanced Eco Blast is a shot blasting and sandblasting company based in London, that delivers exceptional services at an affordable price. 

We specialise in brick cleaning, stone cleaning, timber beams cleaning, graffiti removal, surface preparation, cleaning of fire and smoke damage and lead paint removal. We take great pride in claiming that our procedures are safe and environmentally friendly while working with high-performance equipment.

GRIT/SAND blasting is used to remove old coatings or oxidation on various surfaces with different recycled abrasive media suitable for the job.

TORC is light abrasive cleaning approved by English Heritage, that can be used on more delicate surfaces. This technology utilises a swirling vortex washing action with pressurised air, combined with a low volume of water and soft media to clean stone and brick surfaces gently and efficiently.

DOFF is used primarily to clean external stonework and brickwork. The superheated steam removes dirt, grime and organic matter without the use of any chemicals. Read more about DOFF cleaning and the advantages of steam cleaning.

SODA BLASTING is a low-abrasive method of cleaning that can be used to clean a range of surfaces without causing any damage with bicarbonate of soda as the blasting media.

With Advanced Eco Blast you can be assured that whether your project requires facade cleaning or a refurbishment of historic buildings, commercial or residential property, or regular building maintenance, we have the right solution for you.

We Are Green <br />
<span>Environmentally friendly</span>

We Are Green
Environmentally friendly

Advanced Eco Blast saves time and money in an environmentally-friendly way

We Are Professional <br />
<span>You name it, we can clean it!</span>

We Are Professional
You name it, we can clean it!

We will always  ensure that work is managed to timescales and quality standard whilst being fully compliant with all regulations.

We Are Accredited Contractor Professional <br />

We Are Accredited Contractor Professional

Our professional service offers method of statement and risk assessment in accordance with health and safety standards. We have CHAS registration, IPAF and CSCS cards. We are trained to work at height on cherry pickers, scissor lifts and scaffolding. e o companie cu mulți ani de experiență pe piața sisteme de rafturi, a sistemelor robotizate de paletizare sau depaletizare și a mașinilor de curățat. Ne bazăm pe specialiști cu experiență și calificare care iau în considerare nevoile și cerințele individuale ale fiecăruia dintre clienții noștri.

Our Services

Metal Blasting

Advanced Eco Blast carry out cleaning work on any type of metal and steel structure such us iron stairwells, gates, tanks, cars, vehicles, boats, metal structures...


Facade Cleaning

It goes without saying that the facades of a building are exposed to the negative effects of various environmental and weather conditions like dirt, dust...


External Brick Cleaning

Weathering and pollution has a detrimental effect on buildings and monuments, although sadly another important factor is neglect. In fact, damage caused by...


Internal Brick Cleaning

Restoring period property by leaving the internal bricks exposed is a popular request and we have successfully delivered a range of such projects. Our Soda Blast System...


Stone Cleaning

Harsh weather, natural growths and modern day pollutants can seriously damage the exterior stonework of buildings and monuments. Due to the delicate...


New Build Cleaning

Brick and stonework on any building inevitably builds up dirt over time that dulls colour and gives a neglected appearance. In advanced Eco Blast we can give a fresh look...


Graffiti Removal

In big cities such as London, graffiti has a detrimental and adverse effect on public places and private homes alike, this can be a major problem as...


Lead Paint Removal

We undertake every aspect of lead abatement, using only the latest technology and processes that never compromise our safety.


Wood Blasting

With Soda Blast System, it is possible to restore the original character and feature of old structures, beams, panels, doors and more. To clean the wood, we use our...


We are happy to discuss your requirements, just get in touch!


These are some of the great benefits in choosing Advanced Eco Blast


We can safely clean a variety of structures such as brick, stone, concrete, metal and wood.

Graffiti Removal

Works effectively to remove graffiti without any damage to the surface.

Perfect for metal

Removes paint and rust from any sort of metal in a gentle way by leaving a smooth surface ready for coating.


We can gently clean  bricks and stone facade without making any further damage to the surface.

Please contact us for a free
Free Quotation

We do not have an on-site blasting room, therefore we won’t be able to help with the blasting of small items such as: 

  • Antiques, household furniture  
  • Garden furniture 
  • Radiators or fireplaces 
  • Vehicles - shells, frame, panels or engines 

Our Clients

© Advanced Eco Blast provides a full range of commercial cleaning services using eco-friendly methods

  • Walthamstow, London
  • 07866719903
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