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External Brick Cleaning

External brick cleaning

Weathering and pollution has a detrimental effect on buildings and monuments, although sadly another important factor is neglect.

In fact, damage caused by chemical and environmental agents, if neglected, can become irreversible and permanently damage the facade of the building. A blackened and dirty frontage also detracts from the beauty of the building by concealing the original colour and architectural details.

Advanced Eco Blast offers different cleaning techniques that suit all types of brick, this includes superheated steam, chemical application and a wet and dry soda blasting technique. These techniques are also suitable for paint removal.

We pride ourselves in tackling projects using the safest, most effective methods to achieve the best results. Our clients are always amazed by the end results. With Advanced Eco Blast you can be assured that the brick surfaces will be restored to their former glory without any damage to the surface.

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