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Soda Blasting vs Sand Blasting

What is the difference between Soda Blasting and Sand Blasting?


What is Soda Blasting

Soda blasting is a relatively new technology in the field of blasting. Soda Blasting is a process that can strip almost any surface in an efficient and safe manner. The Soda Blast System can be used with different media such as bicarbonate of soda or other alternative eco-friendly media more cost effective.

  • It’s a slower process but much gentler than sand blasting, suitable to clean soft surfaces such wood, bricks, fibre glass, steel, aluminium, concrete, etc.
  • It can be used with different media depending on the project you are working on. All media used with the Soda Blast System are environmentally friendly.
  • It can create dust but the system can be used with water to suppress the dust. Wet blasting also can remove hazardous material & waste with reduce danger.
  • Running cost for Soda Blasting is higher.
  • Does not produce excess heat. Will not warp or pit metal surfaces. Does give great result when taking rust off by leaving a smooth surface ready for re-coating. Also great for stripping layers of paint from wood.
  • Soda Blasting is also used to remove mould and smoke damage and natural deodorizer.
  • With the Soda Blast System Equipment the pressure can be controlled by the operator according to the needs in order to give a gentle clean to any surface.
  • It can be used for graffiti removal

What is Sand Blasting

Sand blasting is the process of applying an abrasive material, such as sand, to an object at high pressure usually air compressed in order to remove surface contaminants.

  • Quicker to remove contaminants but very destructive as the pressure can’t be modified and the media is also very abrasive
  • The media used is silica sand and the use of it has been banned in United Kingdom and in many other country
  • It’s a very dusty process and the waste can potentially clogs and harm local water supplies and the environment due to the silica contained in the sand
  • Cheaper to run.
  • It will pit and warp metal surface. Not recommended for softer materials such a wood, brick, sandstone, car body stripping.

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