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Building Facade Cleaning

It goes without saying that the facades of a building are exposed to the negative effects of various environmental and weather conditions like dirt, dust, grime, rain and pollution, just to mention a few. Not only do these factors decrease the quality and value of the building but also, shorten the life of the building. For that reason, regular cleaning and maintenance is much more than a mere obligation as it increases the longevity of the building material along with maintaining the value of the property. Above all, a clean, clear and shining facade improves the overall looks and appearance of the building and leaves a long lasting impression on the clients and visitors.

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Hot Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning is a simple, safe and environmentally friendly method of cleaning. The basic principal is that the higher is the temperature of the water the lower is the pressure on the surface to be cleaned. In this way it is possible to carry out a gentle cleaning using a low volume of water, which will dry off within minutes, without damaging the surface. We use restrictive nozzles to increases the velocity of the water and to reach awkward parts.

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Paint Removal

Paint removal is often required to solve damp problems, to prevent the deterioration of masonry and to restore the building to its original glory which can add significant value to a property. Many houses have been painted in the past years when it was fashionable to paint facades, covering up beautiful patterned brickwork.

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Brick and stone work cleaning

Advanced Eco Blast can safely clean brick and stone work. Brick cleaning in London is a complex issue and in the past it has been undertaken without sufficient consideration to the consequence, on occasion, resulting in permanent damage. Traditional methods such as sand blasting or jet washing can create permanent damage by weakening the structure of the surface. Advanced Eco Blast doesn't make any damage to the surface.

Architectural Restoration

Advanced Eco Blast can quickly and effectively clean building façade, statues, fountains, works of art, structural beams, stone and metal monuments bringing back their original lustre in a fast and easy way without the risk of any damage.

In Advanced Eco Blast, our aim is to bring the history of our beautiful buildings back to life, respecting the beauty of the building’s material and construction. 

Fire Restoration & Flood Remediation

Soda blasting is able to remove smoke, ash, mould and algae quickly and efficiently without damaging the surface or harming exposed wiring, piping or fixtures. In addition, it has the ability to neutralize most of the residual odour and sanitise the area at the same time.

Wood Stripping

Advanced Eco Blast can easily remove varnish, paint or pollution damage from wooden beams, window frames and doors, restoring the timbers to their original appearance.

Advanced Eco Blast can easily clean and strip all types of wood leaving a smooth and dry surface ready for final preparation and finishing.  

Graffiti Removal

Graffiti is an increasing problem in the UK It should be removed very quickly to avoid further graffiti attacks because graffiti attracts graffiti, a relatively small, harmless-looking name or mark can quickly turn a wall into a graffiti-covered eyesore. Advanced Eco Blast gently and quickly strips away spray-painted graffiti leaving the base surface clean and pristine without the use of any chemicals. Advanced Eco Blast is much more effective than jet washing or steam cleaning. 

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Metal Cleaning

Advanced Eco Blast can remove paint and rust from metal without any heat or metal distortion. It also doesn't pit leaving a smooth surface ready for coating or painting.

With Advanced Eco Blast, the metal that has been cleaned will be brought back to the original metal with no damage, no pits or warping, in no time!


Marine Cleaning

Without damaging the fibreglass or the environment, soda blasting removes multiple layers of old paint, algae and green slime that accrues on boats. Soda blasting will expose any existing, hidden damage in the fibreglass without exacerbating the problem, enabling any problems to be repaired.

Industry and patio Cleaning

Advanced Eco Blast can easily removes oil, grease and grime from floors and walls. Soda Blast also sanitises and takes bad odours off.

New Building Cleaning 

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