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Soda Blasting

By Advanced Eco Blast

Advanced Eco Blast is a company, based in London, specializing in soda blasting cleaning services such as brick cleaning, stone cleaning, metal strippingwood stripping, graffiti removal, exterior building cleaning, commercial building cleaning, fire restoration using Bicarbonate of Soda in addition to other fine eco-friendly blasting media. We are also experts in building facade cleaning

Soda Blasting is a non-abrasive, safe and environmentally friendly technique that cleans and removes paint, grease, dirt, mould, graffiti, oil, smoke, water damage and many other contaminants without any damage to the surface and to the structure. 

Shot Blasting is the most conventional way to blast clean or strip away an area. Shot-blasting is a heavy blasting process that literally shot the abrasive elements at a very high speed to remove the unwanted elements or coating.

Sand Blasting is the process of applying an abrasive material, such as sand, to an object at high pressure usually air compressed in order to remove surface contaminants. Find out more about the process in our article "Soda Blasting vs Sand Blasting"

This amazing technique was developed in the 1980s, specifically to clean the Statue of Liberty without causing any harm to the exterior and to the surrounding environment. Due to the success of that project, as well as many other benefits, it has gained in popularity over the years.

NEW Water is an effective and simple solvent that can be used as hot steam vapour to remove dirt, grime, biological growths and some particular coatings from surfaces like stone, brick, limestone, concrete, paving, etc. Read more about steam cleaning

We Are Green <br />
<span>Environmentally friendly</span>

We Are Green
Environmentally friendly

Advanced Eco Blast saves time and money in an environmentally-friendly way

We Are Professional <br />
<span>You name it, we can clean it!</span>

We Are Professional
You name it, we can clean it!

We will always  ensure that work is managed to timescales and quality standard whilst being fully compliant with all regulations.

We Are Accredited Contractor Professional <br />

We Are Accredited Contractor Professional

Our professional service offers method statement and risk assessment in accordance with health and safety standards. We have CHAS registration, IPAF and CSCS qualifications. We are trained to work at height on cherry pickers, scissor lifts and scaffolding.

Our Services

Metal Blasting

Advanced Eco Blast carry out cleaning work on any type of metal and steel structure such us iron stairwells, gates, tanks, cars, vehicles, boats, metal structures...


Facade Cleaning

It goes without saying that the facades of a building are exposed to the negative effects of various environmental and weather conditions like dirt, dust...


External Brick Cleaning

Weathering and pollution has a detrimental effect on buildings and monuments, although sadly another important factor is neglect. In fact, damage caused by...


Internal Brick Cleaning

Restoring period property by leaving the internal bricks exposed is a popular request and we have successfully delivered a range of such projects. Our Soda Blast System...


Stone Cleaning

Harsh weather, natural growths and modern day pollutants can seriously damage the exterior stonework of buildings and monuments. Due to the delicate...


New Build Cleaning

Brick and stonework on any building inevitably builds up dirt over time that dulls colour and gives a neglected appearance. In advanced Eco Blast we can give a fresh look...


Graffiti Removal

In big cities such as London, graffiti has a detrimental and adverse effect on public places and private homes alike, this can be a major problem as...


Wood Blasting

With Soda Blast System, it is possible to restore the original character and feature of old structures, beams, panels, doors and more. To clean the wood, we use our...


We are happy to discuss your requirements, just get in touch!


These are some of the great benefits in choosing Advanced Eco Blast


We can safely clean a variety of structures such as brick, stone, concrete, metal and wood.

Graffiti Removal

Works effectively to remove graffiti without any damage to the surface.

Perfect for metal

Removes paint and rust from any sort of metal in a gentle way by leaving a smooth surface ready for coating.


We can gently clean  bricks and stone facade without making any further damage to the surface.

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© Advanced Eco Blast provides a full range of commercial cleaning services using eco-friendly methods

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