Grade II Listed Building: Steel Structure Refurbishment

AEB 491Basement steel structure refurbishment of a Grade II listed building

Task: to clean from rust and corrosion the old steel structure and to apply three protective coatings. 

The steel structure has been stripped to clean steel - Sa 2.5 grades - using the Gritco System, leaving a smooth surface ready for coating. 






AEB 452

AEB 444

After the preparation of the surface it was very important that the steelwork was not allowed to deteriorate, therefore to avoid re-rusting, the surface has been coated straight after blasting.

Three coat paint system has been applied - one coat of high zinc primer to provide corrosion inhibition and good adhesion for other coats

  • Intermediate coat (or undercoats) to 'build' the total film thickness of the system 
  • Final coat two pack chemical resistant paints to give a very good water and chemical resistance

Airless spray application has been used to produce a very thin and even coating.

AEB 497

AEB 513

AEB 509

Due to the fact that the location was a basement it was a big challenge to control the dust therefore to minimalize the dust we used two powerful air cubes filters.

 The result was great success!

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